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Our name - Kiena

Did she exist? Well true to say we are not sure, but we would like to think that she did. It is certainly a medieval name although not common. So, what's the story about her. She was Saxon, born in the Kingdom of Wessex about 1045 AD. Her family would have been of chieftain stock, with offshoots around Wessex and distant connections, by marriage, to the powerful "Godwinsons" line.

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We have recently added a new range of fair trade hand woven pure silk scarves and hand painted silk and cotton mix scarves from Thailand. The silk scarves are produced by a women's co-operative in Eastern Thailand, where the villagers undertake the entire production process from feeding mulberry leaves to the silk worms, dying the silk to designing and hand weaving the textiles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

The hand painted scarves are 50% silk and 50% cotton and, being hand painted, the designs are repeated, 2 scarves at a time, rather than duplicated. 

Go to our scarf section to see samples of these long hand printed and hand woven scarves. The colours are just stunning

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